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The Dijy team automates your lead nurturing and client communication, whether it’s through emails, texts, and even snail mail! Get new leads, qualify them, and warm ‘em up — all while you’re working on other stuff (like debating the merits of pop-up ads). Then, present all your marketing wins in an automated report that wows the team!

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Triggered emails have a 152% higher click-through rate than generic email newsletters.

Lead Management
Marketing Analytics
Landing Page Creation
Lead Capture & Forms
Social Media Management
Direct Mail
List Segmentation
Chatbot & Live Chat
Email Automation
SMS Sending
Omnichannel Messaging
Email Marketing

Let’s automate your


Automated Email Flows

Convert leads into customers with personalized email opt-ins and emails that send themselves.


Behavior Targeting

Build out personalized email flows that are triggered by different actions, like downloading or donating.


List Segmentation

Turn your customer data into strategy when you segment audiences & personalize messaging.


Bring the whole team

Configure Whatsapp or SMS so multiple team members can share one account with just one phone number.


Take care of payments

Send customers automatic payment requests once the job is done, send thank you’s, and offboard clients.


Automate reminders

Send status updates, meeting reminders, or even notifications for orders & service.


Track your sends

Unique QR codes on every postcard and envelope help you track interactions and see data in real time.


Trigger their mailbox

Set up website auto-triggers, like viewing certain products, that send customers direct mail or e-giftcards.


Personalize away!

Personalize direct mail with conditional logic, from their name to their product preferences.


Unique chat flows

Set up unique chat flows for different page or different triggers — like new visitors versus repeat buyers.


Chat in your sleep

Set up the chatbot to make targeted recommendations and help customers find what they’re looking for, 24/7.


Smart routing

Qualify new leads before ever talking to them, and set up behaviors that route leads to different team members.


Gather all the data

Google Ads, Linkedin, Facebook, and more: put all your analytics in one place so it’s easier to manage and track.


Build custom dashboards

Personalize direct mail with conditional logic, from their name to their product preferences.


Automate reports

Schedule reports by calendar date (i.e. monthly) or by milestone trigger (i.e. 10,000 signups.)

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