With great technology...

comes greater problems.

Our scrappy CRM from our startup days isn’t keeping up with growth!

Our tech tools don’t talk to each other — and our processes feels disjointed.

We’re still manually sending invoices & payments. It all feels very… 2003.

I wish we had accurate reporting — but I have no way to track activity!

We have to hire a developer to make easy changes to our website.

Dijy solves those.

How We Do It

We know HubSpot. Here’s why that’s great:

If the internet is a playground of different automation tools, think of HubSpot as the kid who plays nice with others. It seamlessly integrates with hundreds of other apps, keeping your tech build streamlined and centralized.



We dive into the deep end of your business.

Most tech solutions don’t go deep enough to really solve your business problems. When we talk to you, we’ll read between the lines; we know the best tech solution isn’t always the most obvious one. We’ll uncover what you really need to grow!

We craft your tech stack like a cocktail.

It’s science, sure. But it’s an art form, too. Like a great bartender, our team has vast knowledge of the different options available — and the creativity to mix them up to perfection, creating a build that’s customized to your needs and preferences.

We let your team ask all the dumb questions.

The #1 reason custom tech builds don’t work? Employees don’t know how they work. That’s why we build team training right into our services, so everyone has a chance to engage with HubSpot and try it out IRL. Stupid questions? Bring ‘em on.

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We’ve worked with many companies for various projects for web design and development, and no one has better follow-through than Dijy.
logo-1Lauren Whitledge
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Meet the Team

Tech nerds, strategists, & master connectors.

We’re a team of passionate people (and pets!) obsessed with helping clients streamline business with smarter automative tech.

When we’re not working, we’re...

…automating and chilling

Ari Haas


…at an arboretum, or (literally) chasing waterfalls

Sam Plateroti

Sales & Marketing Manager

…trying out pretentious new coffee across NY

Andrea Arestigue

HubSpot Developer

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