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Your team is on the go and… busy. But you’re unsure of when jobs are completed. Your customer data is everywhere. Clients are forgetting they have a scheduled appointment. Enable your service team with a mobile app tied to schedule service calls, send proposals to collect payment, and store customer history for future reference. All without the hassle.

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Marketing isn't just about hitting 'send' – it's about sparking unforgettable connections! From that crucial first hello to the upsell that leaves 'em smiling, marketing automation is the secret sauce for expanding your reach, supercharging growth, and unlocking that sweet revenue stream. Get ready for a whole new level of home service success!

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Elevate your home service game with CRM-powered sales automation – the ultimate turbo boost for success! Streamline workflows, nurture leads, and close deals faster. It's your not-so-secret weapon for supercharging efficiency, stacking up revenue, and dominating your market. Plus, with HubSpot, you'll keep your business running like a well-oiled machine, closing deals like a pro!

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Customer Success

HubSpot and Zuper team up to supercharge your home service operations! HubSpot brings tailored marketing and client relationship management, while Zuper revolutionizes field service management. It's a dynamic duo that streamlines scheduling, boosts workforce efficiency, and keeps clients raving!

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Unlock the power of automations for your home service team by getting everyone on board. Dijy offers customized training sessions to ensure every team member masters the tech stack, giving you the edge in maximizing your usage.

One-on-One and Group Training Sessions


We’ll help you plug into your favorite tools, from EventBrite to Stripe — and meet a few new ones! Need something special? The Dijy team will craft a custom integration and connect it to your existing HubSpot build.

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We’ve worked with many companies for various projects for web design and development, and no one has better follow-through than Dijy.
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What is it about Dijy?


We make it make sense.

Dijy’s consultants will craft a build that’s perfect for your needs. And it doesn’t have to be complicated.


We customize your build.

Centralized solutions are customized for your needs and business model (without the custom price tag).


We train and tweak.

Even after your build is ready to use, we stick around, enhancing it while you use it. So you’ll know it really works for you.

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