Automate your business the ridiculously simple way.

Ditch the swamp of bloated software and clunky digital tools. Dijy uses the power of HubSpot to simplify your tech stack. Then we train your team so they’re spending their time working — not figuring out how things work.

Specializing in complex HubSpot builds

Initial build setup in just 30 days

Rated 5 stars on HubSpot & Google

In 2023, we helped businesses automate over 1,000,000 annoying tasks

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Automating was supposed to simplify. So why is it so complicated!?

CRM. Marketing. Sales pipelines. Onboarding. CMS. KPI tracking. Is your team wasting energy migrating data from one step to the next because your tech tools don’t talk to each other? Yeah — there’s a better way.

We’re a team of certified HubSpot experts who un-stick stuck businesses — even if other tools haven’t worked for you in the past. How? Well — not to brag, but we're really good listeners. We solve your problems in creative ways even HubSpot wouldn't think of. And we keep adjusting your custom build, even after it's launched — so it’s engineered to work perfectly for your real, ongoing needs.

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How We Automate

How We Automate

Dijy + HubSpot. That's the pitch.

HubSpot is an all-in-one online platform that lets your business create and manage unique workflows and customer journeys.

There are lots of automation tools out there, but we believe HubSpot is the most powerful of them all. (Trust us on this. While you’re up at 2 AM wondering if you should get an exotic bird, we’re up at 2 AM trying out new tech tools. Yeah, we’re nerds, we know.)

As a certified HubSpot Partner, we’re experts at unlocking the power of HubSpot for complex and unique builds.

Workflow struggles? We can solve them with HubSpot.

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What’s in Our Toybox

Our Industries

Can HubSpot work for —

Yep! HubSpot helps businesses in pretty much every industry align with their teams and tools — from data hygiene to customer growth.

And more. Don’t see your industry here? Chat with us to learn more!

Everyone’s talking about Dijy!

A company I can actually rely on

We’ve worked with many companies for various projects regarding our website design/development and no one has had better follow through than dijy. We’ve worked with Ari and his team for about a year now and no project is too big or too small for them. Any edits or feedback I have is met with open arms and the most positive attitude. Sam is fabulous. She has great communication, great follow through, and is definitely a problem solver. Andrea makes all these projects and edits look easy (and we know they are not), and gets things done in a timely manner. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend the team at dijy for quality service all around. Thank you Ari, Sam, and Andrea!!

Lauren Whitledge

Im super happy with the service!

Contact me to get more info on Ari and the team at Dijy, but just to share a little bit here on the open platform, they have worked with our complex work pipeline and automatic systems and made sure that everything works 100%. The service is 100% the quality is 100% the value is 100% (even more) I’m a happy customer

Jacob Guttman, Nail It Handyman

Good people.

Sam Mittelman

You know when someone just gets it?? That’s how I felt when I met Dijy…

For over 2 months, I was looking for a software for a client. Part of the required integration was with qbo, but with a very challenging accounting process. Every person that I spoke with, I had to explain the process multiple times, but I didn’t feel confident. But Ari was different. He was able to tell me exactly what he can do to help me. He asked the right questions, and had great ideas for implementation. We now have a great HubSpot workflow, getting better every day… All the softwares that he recommends, are easy and useful! They make my work a lot easier…. #software #hubspot

Chaya Retek

HubSpot + Dijy = Best decision I made for my businiess

I spent many months looking at and trying every CRM under the sun but there were always 3 I refused to look at. HubSpot was one of those three. I said it was too cumbersome, too many features, too many features locked behind visible paywalls that I would have to look at all day etc etc. My business kept floundering as I tried to make every CRM work for me and none did. Enter Ari and DIjy. Ari sat with me and painstakingly made sure I understood what I needed and how to make HubSpot do EXACTLY what I needed. It took some time but my business has NEVER been stronger. Thank you Dijy team! Now let’s get my website loaded into HubSpot CMS!

Rick Mirsky

I would not have been able to onboard with Hubspot as quickly as I did if not for Dijy! Highly recommend to anyone looking for a capable Hubspot agency!

Rick Mirsky

Grateful for the day I met Dijy & gave my trust

Dijy multiplied the income of my business in 5 months more than 12 times the amount I earned prior to hiring Dijy. Ari is a clever person with a clear cut approach on how to apply n customize online marketing tools and combined with his tips in business it got me the great results that translates in a much greater profit than what I got before hiring him.

Joseph Zicherman
Regency Commercial Brokerage


I had an amazing experience with Jessica and Ari! They took all the manual work of me so I have more time focusing on my important tasks. They were extremely knowledgeable and found a solution to all of my needs. I highly recommend working with them!!

Aron Hollander, MegaPay USA

Ari Haas da man

Aidy Buxbaum

Responding to Ben Rohr:

Quick question. Who’s the most knowledgeable sales automation person you know? Thanks.

A pleasure to work with.

Dijy did an amazing job with implementing our CRM and making our company look mighty professional.

Joseph Landau, Plan-It Israel

A savvy and reliable partner!

Dijy did an excellent job in developing and launching our new website. They were highly professional from start to finish, keeping us informed of every step in the process. The team at Dijy was highly communicative, ensuring that our vision was fully realized. They delivered a beautifully designed website and a new blog that was easy to navigate and visually appealing. Dijy's attention to detail was impressive, and they were able to complete the project on time and within budget.

Eddie Patzsch

Amazing migration from Salesforce to HubSpot

Amazing migration from Salesforce to HubSpot, very grateful for the team on explaining everything in detail and migrating customized all the data from Salesforce to HubSpot.

Carlos Jimenez

Latest Success Stories

B2B SaaS

Partner Portal

Partner Portal uses HubSpot to offer scaleable PRM. But even pros need pros. As a HubSpot-certified agency, Dijy provides a level of HubSpot support that Partner Portal couldn’t find anywhere else!

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Daily Giving

Building a donor platform that’s bringing in $100k/day is ambitious. Dijy created a secure, simple platform that can handle the cash flow — and future growth, too.

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How It Works

1, 2, Presto.


Finding your fit

Dijy will create a streamlined stack with everything on your wishlist (and nothing that isn’t)

Building it out

Around 30 days in, your initial HubSpot build is set! We’ll stay in the loop and continue to adjust it based on your feedback.

Training your team

We’ll make sure everyone (not just the digital thumbs!) know how to use your HubSpot setup properly.

Finding your fit

Dijy will create a streamlined stack with everything on your wishlist (and nothing that isn’t)

Building it out

Around 30 days in, your initial HubSpot build is set! We’ll stay in the loop and continue to adjust it based on your feedback.

Training your team

We’ll make sure everyone (not just the digital thumbs!) know how to use your HubSpot setup properly.



How does pricing work?

We operate on a service-based model, so you can see transparent pricing on our site and then choose the plan that works for you. This way, you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for, exactly what you’re getting, and exactly how long the project will take.

View pricing for specific services by selecting them from our Services Menu.

If you’re not sure what you need, we can help you figure that out on our call together.

Do you work with automation platforms besides HubSpot?

HubSpot is at the center of all our automation work, although we do employ other apps to amplify its power.

There are lots of automation tools out there — and we’ve tried them all. (While you’re skimming Twitter at breakfast, we’re trying out new tech tools. Yup. We’re nerds.) And while we never stop experimenting and testing out tools, we always go back to HubSpot. It’s unbelievably powerful and allows us to connect many other apps as well, centralizing your tools in one place!

I tried HubSpot, and I don’t think it works for my needs.

First of all, that’s not a question :)

We like to think of HubSpot like a guitar — anyone can learn a few chords and strum Sweet Home Alabama at the next family barbecue. But to learn it at a pro level (and to be able to use it creatively!) takes skill and experience.

As a HubSpot Platinum Partner, we have the deep-domain knowledge necessary to help you get everything out of your experience. So even if you’ve tried HubSpot for a hot minute in the past, we may be able to get more — a lot more — out of it for you! Finding out is free: Schedule a call today.

Why do I want to work with a HubSpot partner?

HubSpot is a user-friendly tool, but has many layers of complexity. (See: Guitar metaphor in the previous question.) When most clients choose to work with us, it’s because they’ve already been sweating for months trying to customize HubSpot on their own — or they’re looking for a new home for their data. They’re ready for the experts (read: us) to squeeze all that juicy automation out of HubSpot for them. Because they have much, much better things to do with their time.

How is Dijy Onboarding different from HubSpot Onboarding?

HubSpot has an onboarding program that helps guide you through getting started. The key word here is guide. So it’s up to you to setup your account, integrate with your other apps, and set up your automations.

If you’re onboarding with HubSpot, you’re likely missing out on many apps and automations that can be set up for you. Without an expert level of awareness, there’s lots you aren’t realizing you can do to make your life easier (and bring in more $$$).

Working with Dijy’s HubSpot Setup Services, we do all of it for you. We set up your account based on your team’s needs — and (best of all!) teach your whole team how to fly!

When will I be able to use our HubSpot account?

Our typical plans are 90 days, but that doesn’t mean your team needs to play the waiting game for us to finish the setup. The original shell of your account, with custom properties and custom pipelines will be ready to be used within 30 days of getting started.Our typical plans are 90 days, but that doesn’t mean your team needs to play the waiting game for us to finish the setup. The original shell of your account, with custom properties and custom pipelines will be ready to be used within 30 days of getting started.

Why does it take 90 days to fully optimize HubSpot?

While the initial setup is covered in the first month, for the rest of the engagement, we’ll implement all of those magical automations that will transform the way you do business.

Let’s get real: Any automation service that claims your setup is good to go after the initial setup isn’t setting you up for success. At Dijy, we’ve learned that businesses only discover their exact needs, preferences, and wish list items once they have implemented their workspace and are actually using it.

Once your team begins using HubSpot, we’ll stick around, watching how they work (discreetly — we won’t be breathing over their shoulders!). We’ll also have team discussions and encourage your team to share their struggles, thoughts, and suggestions. No one has better ideas than the people who actually use their program!

Then, we’ll use this time to train your team and complete any complex automations.

The result: A HubSpot build that’s perfected by time, thoughtful conversations, and the people who actually use it. And a business that runs like beautiful clockwork!

Which HubSpot Hubs are right for me?

HubSpot has five different hubs: Sales, Marketing, Service, Operations, and CMS. With each hub, there is a different tier that includes different features.

Jump on a call (it’s free!) with Dijy to discuss your needs and we’ll recommend the Hubs that can best solve your problems. We’ll also make sure you aren’t upgrading for no reason. We like to help you squeeze all the juice out before there’s any need to upgrade!

How will we get our team adapted to the new setup?

Leave this to us. Once we have your HubSpot setup completed, we will have team trainings to get your team comfortable with navigating HubSpot. We know that tools are only as good as your team is using it, so we’ll get them in tip top shape to do just that.

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